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YawPITCH is proud to represent several of the leading national technical manufacturers in the USA.

AIT depends on strong relationship partners to develop the avionics databus solutions for tomorrow’s needs. YawPITCH makes no excuses for it’s age-old marketing strategies of trust-building and service excellence. In the Internet marketing age, YawPITCH connects the old and the new, and provides its partners and customers with the “on-the-street” knowledge necessary to advance the avionics industry!

Nathan Warden

Technical Sales Engineer, AIT, Eastern US


AIT is a leading designer and manufacturer of test instrumentation, Databus Analyzers, and rugged, embedded interface solutions for military and commercial applications.


Ampex Data Systems provides excellence at the edge! They work with you to engineer full-spectrum data acquisition, management, cyber security and encryption for all your Electronic Warfare (EW) and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission needs.

AVCOM of Virginia

AVACOM of Virginia is a vertically integrated technology company with 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of high-quality spectrum analyzers and signal monitoring products in the USA.

Core Systems

Core Systems designs, builds and ships rugged designs for fixed, ground mobile, and airborne systems.

Delta Digital Video

Delta Digital Video (DDV) emerged from a legacy of government consulting to become designers and manufacturers of innovative, world-class solutions for video compression and scan conversion products for the Military, Homeland Security, Distance Learning, and Broadcast markets.

Kaman Precision Products

Kaman Precision Products/Measuring is the world’s leader in high-performance non-contact position sensors. Based on eddy current measurements, Kaman sensors are capable of stable and repeatable sub-nanometer resolution and can operate in the most extreme temperature and pressure environments.

Apogee Labs

Apogee Labs provides state-of-the-art products and service to the communications, instrumentation
and telemetry communities.We offer cost-effective solutions for collecting, transmitting, converting,
switching and distributing signals found within these communities. TMoIP, Matrix Switches, BER Testing units, Interfacers, Multiplexers/Demultiplexers, and Encoders.


NOMAD Global Communications Systems (GCS) is a leading provider of advanced interoperable communications solutions, delivering turn-key products and services.

HGL Dynamics

HGL Dynamics builds data acquisition and storage systems to suit a wide variety of industry requirements. They provide hardware, software and services to resolve even the most challenging measurement needs.


Viasat designs and manufactures antenna systems that lead several satellite communications markets.

Summation Research Inc.

Summation Research Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing company providing high performance data acquisition, satellite telemetry, and communications products and systems to defense, government and commercial markets worldwide.

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