Interfaces & Test Instruments; Data Loader Tools; Network Solutions; Integrated System Solutions; Recording Systems


Rugged Recording & Processing w/optional Encryption; Telemetry Downlink; Uncompressed & Compressed Video; Video Distribution; Data Transport Mux/Demux Systems

Data Acquisition

Small-High Channel Count Data Acquisition Systems; Optional Integrated Instrumentation; Real Time Monitoring & Archiving Software; Multi-Channel Portable Data Recorder; Eddy Current Systems for Measurement/Precise Pointing

Mobile Systems

Tactical Command Vehicles; Flight Test & Launch Range Vehicles; Light to Heavy Duty Communication Trailers; Communication Containers; Rackmount Computers, Displays & Switches

RF Communications

Antennas from 1M – 13M; High Data Rate Modems; RF Transmission & Simulation; Spectrum Analyzers & Test Equipment; Signal Processing

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YawPITCH is a full-service manufacturers’ representative for the aerospace and defense industries among others. For more than 23 years, we have served our technical customers across the United States by providing diverse lines of ground, flight, and space-based systems from the most reputable and reliable manufactures in the business. Our code of ethical, high-energy, customer-service drives a reputation for delivering superior-quality technologies, exceptional service and support.

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YawPITCH is a full-service aerospace & defense manufacturers’ representative dedicated to exceptional personal service to technical customers across the United States.

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Who We Serve

YawPITCH is proud to serve the following markets/industries across the United States:

Aerospace Industry – Data and video recording and processing, telemetry downlink, encryption, mission computers, avionics, video compression, conversion, and distribution, data acquisition, data loaders, engine test, test vehicles.

Commercial Ground Stations – Antennas for flight test and satcom, Launch and Flight Test Command and Control Trucks, Trailers and Containers, Rugged rack mount computers, displays, and switches, Telemetry over ip (TMOIP). Beacon Receivers, Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Simulators, RF Converters, Demodulators, Signal processing, High Data Rate Modems.

Military Bases, Program Offices, Test & Launch Ranges – Antennas for flight test and satcom, Launch, Flight Test, Training Command and Control Trucks, Trailers and Containers, Rugged rack mount computers, displays, and switches, Telemetry over ip (TMOIP). Beacon Receivers, Spectrum Analyzers, Simulations for training, rugged computers, Counter UAS (cUAS), EW sub systems, ISR subsystems

Defense Industry – Rugged Networking, mission computers, precise pointing subsystems, efficient video downlinking, hypersonic testing, PODS, EW, IR, Radar, Tactical Vehicle & rugged Trailers, rugged laptops, rugged displays, rugged switches, Databus test simulation for sensor and weapon systems.

Test & Measurement Industry – High Channel Count Data Acquisition, Vibration measurement via eddy current, Databus & high speed Test & Simulation, Databus test and Simulation, Rugged and lab based data recording, RF Simulation and Measurement, Flight Test.

National Research Labs & Universities – Data Acquisition, Rigged recording and instrumentation, Telemetry over ip (TMIOP). Rack mounted computers, displays, and switches for test racks. Windtunnels, engine test stands.

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